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Regular Air Filter Changes Help Keep Equipment Running Efficiently

Proper care of air conditioners leads to extended life for the unit itself, and that means money in the homeowner’s pocket. However, it’s difficult to figure out how often air filters should be changed. If filters go unchecked for too long, the AC unit will not work efficiently. If filters are changed too often, homeowners waste money.

Knowing how often to change the filter depends on use. If there are pets, including cats and dogs, in the home, fur will collect in the filter and contribute to a decrease in the lifespan of the filter. When windows are kept open frequently, pollen and other allergens, as well as dust, seep in. If home improvement projects are ongoing, dust and sand gather. Therefore, the filter won’t last as long and air quality can be compromised.

In these cases, filters will get dirty more quickly. All of these things indicate that a filter should be changed more often.

A basic guideline to follow is to check air filters every three months. In cases where pets, outside air or dust increase, check monthly. In addition, during seasons of high use like July and August, air conditioning filters should be checked monthly.

There are a few clues to look for when assessing a filter. A clean air filter is pure white, with no impurities. Dirty air filters will be just that: dirty. You will see a light brown color or even blotches of dirt. You might find hair or particles of dust, like a thin film. You should be able to see right through a clean filter by holding it up to a light.

Next time you buy a new filter, bring it home and compare it to the dirty one. A sharp contrast is evident, even with minute amounts of dirt.

Changing out air filtersregularly will help equipment last longer, run more efficiently and help homeowners save money

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