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Is My Indoor Air Making Me Sick?

Few things are more important than your family’s health and comfort and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency studies have shown that indoor air quality can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside – even in smoggy, urban areas!

Central humidifiers, whole-home air cleanersprogrammable thermostats and zone control all contribute to improving the quality of your air and also saving you money on your utility bills!

And our duct cleaning service removes the dirt, pollen, smoke, pet hair, dust mites, dead skin cells and bacteria that get trapped inside your ducts and that are blown into the air every time you turn on your system.

The ABS Cool Team’s whole-house, indoor air quality solutions can help to protect the health and comfort of your family, as well as your home and its belongings.  Whether pollen, dust mites, mold spores or air that is too dry or too humid is your problem, the Cool Team can help with a cost effective, energy efficient solution!

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Mold in your air conditioning system is caused by excessive moisture or humidity and is typically spotted on your vents.  To address this issue, you should have your vents professionally cleaned to eliminate the current mold problem.  To ensure that the mold doesn’t return, however, give the ABS Cool Team a call so that we can determine the source of the moisture and address the root cause of the problem.

In cases where your home is subjected to excessive indoor humidity, a dehumidifier may be the answer.  Whatever the issue, the Cool Team can walk you through your options and recommend a solution that is right for you!

Look at this mold fighting strategies that work.

Whole-House Dehumidification Systems Ideal For Keeping Florida Humidity Under Control

Did you know that germs, mold and dust-mite infestation are made worse by humid indoor conditions? It’s unfortunate, but indoor air is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of Top Five Environmental Health Threats in the nation. They recommend keeping indoor humidity between 30 and 50 percent, as this is most comfortable for homeowners and is not conducive to microorganism growth.

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