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Between the drastic increase of high and low temperatures as of late, people are frantically trying to find ways to lower their utilities bills. It’s easy to solely blame the weather itself, but many don’t realize how some simple changes could save them plenty of money.

Most people assume the only way to improve energy costs is to buy and install entirely new air conditioning and heating systems. While this may be the most effective path, there are plenty of other options to consider before replacements.

One common method is to take extra measures such as utilizing doors and windows for some additional support. Knowing when to open windows to create a cross breeze or let some warm air seep out can be very effective; as well as understanding when to use the blinds. As the sun moves from one side of a house to the other, closing the shades and windows to the corresponding sides can make a world of difference.

When that’s just not doing the job, it’s time to take action with the actual HVAC system. One simple fix is replacing old dirty or clogged air filters. A replacement filter can lower air conditioning energy consumption by 5 to 15% which, over time, can add up to pretty good savings.

If that’s still not quite lowering your electric bill as much as you would like, then switching to a whole new system could be your saving grace. The best air conditioners made in recent years can produce the same amount of cooling as their counterparts from the 1970s, but use anywhere from 30 to 50% less energy to do so. Plus, air conditioning services can easily transport and install these systems with little to no effort required by the buyer.

Modern HVAC systems are estimated to last up to 12 years with regular maintenance. Over so many years of energy efficient use, the system will easily pay for itself. It’s easy to underestimate the impact AC repair can have on utilities but the first bill after installing a new unit will be a breath of fresh air.

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