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ABS will ensure your equipment is working as efficiently as possible. The Preventive Maintenance plan includes all of the benefits of the Tune Up & Inspection Plan and includes:

  • Guaranteed same day appointment
  • 2 visits annually
  • 15% discount on Heating and A/C repairs
  • Special seasonal programs & offers to improve your home

Cooling and heating preventative maintenance includes:

Air Conditioning

  1. Check condenser coil and clean
  2. Check and adjust blower components
  3. Check operating pressures for proper refrigerants
  4. Check thermostat calibration
  5. Check ductwork
  6. Check safety controls where applicable
  7. Check all electrical connections
  8. Check voltage and amperage on motors
  9. Check condensate drain and clean
  10. Change or clean filters
  11. Lubricate all moving parts where necessary
  12. Check for correct air flow and balance
  13. Check starting capabilities
  14. Visual leak check


  1. Check and calibrate thermostat heating
  2. Inspect automatic blower control
  3. Check the fan motor
  4. Safety and efficiency check of low voltage wiring
  5. Check blower bearings
  6. Change and clean furnace filters
  7. Check electric heating strips
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