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How Air Conditioning Services Can Cut Down on Your Energy Bills

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>With both environmental conservation and the financial world enduring a rough period, people are constantly trying to find ways to lower their impact on nature, as well as their spending. While some may be trying to shut lights off when not using them, or unplugging appliances to save on costs, some easy changes to make that can have a huge influence on your energy consumption are repairs and replacements for air conditioners.

With summers growing hotter and the average home increasing in size, energy consumed by residential air conditioning units doubled from 1993 to 2005; it then leaped again in 2010 by about 20%. With exceedingly high energy consumption, finding alternative methods to avoid unnecessary energy expense from air conditioning is imperative in lowering our usage.

Some people may be wary of buying a replacement unit from air conditioning services considering the costs of installation, but there are other methods available in creating a more energy efficient system. People often completely ignore the need for regular maintenance on AC units, leaving the filters to become filled with dust and grime. Just making a point to replace modestly priced air filters could decrease a home’s energy consumption by 5 to 15%.

For those willing to go the extra mile, more recent models of units are available from air conditioning services with unmatched efficiency from previous types. Between switching to a more energy-efficient air conditioner and taking some other minor steps in keeping a home cool, such as covering windows and doors to prevent too much sunlight, can reduce a home’s energy usage by 20 to 50%.

It may not be as difficult as people think to cut down their utilities bill and sit in comfort while reducing their environmental impact. Starting out with air conditioning repair and moving onto a complete replacement if one is still looking for more savings, air conditioning services can offer multiple ways to get your energy usage down to a manageable level.

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