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How Hot Classrooms Affect Children

New studies are looking into the possibility that the temperature of a classroom plays a much bigger role in the education of children than anyone initially realized.

During the entire length of the school year, there will be days when temperatures will start rising above the average line. There’s no time to worry about that though, as education waits for no one and students need to push on, regardless of how uncomfortable they feel. But, the forward push may be nothing more than wasted effort.

According to studies, the body starts shifting priorities whenever environmental conditions such as temperature change. Even if the conscious mind wants to focus all the energy into focusing on lessons, there’s very little it can do once the temperature activates the body’s triggers.

Reading comprehension is usually the first to go when the heat gets to around eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit. This is still within the general comfort area, but understanding the written word is a complex activity that requires the brain to concentrate. Processing the meaning of a variety of symbols to form an idea is something non-essential as far as the body is concerned, and gets rid of that first.

By the time the temperature reaches eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit, the body is starting to enter survival mode since those heat levels are closer to a tropical jungle than a classroom. Because of this, children – more specifically their bodies – end up spending more energy trying to survive than think or focus.

For students to be able to think, schools should make an effort in regulating the temperature of their facilities. It’s bad enough to have to sit in a hot classroom; it’s even worse when people expect you to do something when your body is literally not letting that happen.

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