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The Culprits behind Poor Air Quality

The outdoors is the first thing we associate with air quality. But the air you breathe outside isn’t your only problem – that’s because indoor air quality is a major concern, too. If you don’t pay attention to the air you breathe at home, you could possibly say hello to exorbitant hospital bills and incapacitating health problems.

With that said, you must be aware of what pollutes the air inside your very home.

Pollutants to Watch Out For

There are two types of air pollutants: ozone and particulate matter. Particulate matter is the umbrella term for dust, soot, acids, organic materials, dirt, mold, and other organic chemicals that can blend with the air. Fungi and viruses also pose a threat to your household.

Note that breathing polluted air, especially for long periods of exposure, may have drawbacks to your health. It could worsen asthma, hamper your lung function, and cause irritation in your respiratory system. The air may also affect your heart, which could lead to arrhythmias and nonfatal heart attacks.

Measures to Take

Almost all the time, pollutants enter your home because of poor air ventilation. As such, you should ensure adequate airflow throughout the house, with avenues for fresh air to go inside. The air must circulate around the property. Be sure that the installation of your AC system is spot-on, your ducts are clean, and that your machines go through regular maintenance.

Consequently, there is a need to control humidity. Moisture, after all, is the reason mold grows in a house. On top of that, humidity may trigger household chemicals to release formaldehyde in the air. This chemical is a pungent gas that could pose a threat to your skin, eyes, nose, and throat.

The good news is that ABS Air Conditioning will help improve your home’s indoor air quality. We will ensure that your AC system is properly installed and fully functional. We also clean ducts, install air purifiers, and put up UV lights – all of which are effective measures to keep indoor air pollutants at bay. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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