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The outdoors is the first thing we associate with air quality. But the air you breathe outside isn’t your only problem – that’s because indoor air quality is a major concern, too. If you don’t pay attention to the air you breathe at home, you could possibly say hello to exorbitant hospital bills and incapacitating …

The internal mechanisms that control your sleep and wake cycle make up an extraordinary system. Different external factors, especially your room environment, however, can dramatically affect the balance of your sleep-wake system, disrupting sleep and leading to restless nights.
A good night’s sleep depends on the comfort level within the confines of your sleeping area. …

New studies are looking into the possibility that the temperature of a classroom plays a much bigger role in the education of children than anyone initially realized.
During the entire length of the school year, there will be days when temperatures will start rising above the average line. There’s no time to worry about that …

Did you know that UV lights destroy microorganisms? UV radiation is naturally present in sunlight, and its ability to break down cells is the reason that many of us get sunburned. However, while our bodies regenerate from this damage, microorganisms and germs are less fortunate.
The damage that UV lights do to microorganisms’ DNA structures …

Household mold is a menace. It causes structural damage to wood and other materials, and can pose a serious health risk. Unfortunately, spores can grow in only 24 hours. All they need is air, a food source and moisture. Oxygen and food sources are practically everywhere, so Tampa Bay homeowners’ best strategy for fighting mold …

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