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When the weather gets warmer, nearly all of us rely on our air conditioners to keep our bodies at a comfortable temperature. It’s hardly surprising that two out of three American households has an air conditioning system, and that 82% of apartment buildings have air conditioners.
When it comes to the nighttime hours, however, many …

On the morning of Monday, May 11, travelers going through Delta Terminal C at New York City’s LaGuardia airport were subjected to even less fresh air than normal when the terminal’s air conditioning system stopped blowing cool air through the building.
As travelers waited on an air conditioning repair on an unseasonably hot day, …

During the hottest weeks of summer, your home’s air conditioning system is a necessity that helps you beat the heat and stay safe from the dangers of high temperatures. That’s why two out of three American homes today are equipped with air conditioners.
However, you might be unknowingly spending hundreds of dollars in energy …

Two out of three U.S. homes currently have an air conditioner — and soon, many of these air conditioning systems could be manufactured in a brand-new way. Recently, Chinese developers recently unveiled the latest in 3D printing innovation — an air conditioning unit that can be manufactured entirely through 3D printing.
According to a …

This winter has been particularly severe, complete with a number of powerful arctic storm systems that have dumped foot after foot of snow in addition to bringing bitter cold single digit temperatures. As such, it’s likely that the last thing on your mind has been your home’s air conditioning system.
However, winter is the perfect …

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