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Programmable Thermostats Are Great Energy Savers

cont-wifi-lgIn any home, there are times when everyone is home and everything is happening. Then, there are other times, when all is quiet, because everyone is at work, at school, or asleep. At any time, the house is there, all its systems are operating, and the HVAC system is working to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Wait a minute! Why do we need to keep a comfortable temperature in our home, when nobody is there? What does that gain for us, besides higher energy bills? Can’t we do something about that?

Yes, we can. Programmable thermostats are an easy way to insure that your house is comfortable when you need it, and saving on your energy bill when nobody is there. Essentially, programmable thermostats allow your HVAC system to maintain the home at a more energy efficient, albeit not so comfortable temperature, when nobody is there.

Typically, we have two times in the day when programmable thermostats can save us money. They are during the day when, everyone is at work and school, and at night, when everyone is asleep. In the morning, when everyone is getting ready for the day, and in the evening, when your family is at home, the programmable thermostat will maintain your home’s temperature where you are most comfortable.

So, how much money can programmable thermostats really save you? That depends a lot upon your family’s lifestyle, habits and the size of your home. If you have people in and out all day long, using every part of your house, it won’t really help all that much. But, if you are like the typical family, with everyone on a regular schedule of school and working during the day, they can save you up to 20% off your heating and cooling costs. At that rate of return, it’s an investment whose time has come.

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