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Airflow Issues? Maybe It’s Your Duct System

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”? Well, that’s not entirely true, especially when it comes to your home’s duct systems. Although you generally can’t see ductwork, it’s there and it’s critical to the comfort and efficiency of your home’s A/C during a hot Florida summer.

A duct system is generally referred to as the air distribution system for your air conditioner. These ducts are long tube-like tunnels that snake around your home in between floors and ceilings, eventually reaching each room’s register to deliver warm or cool air. Poorly insulated duct systems can contribute to airflow problems. Dirt, dust or condensation around the air return grilles can be signs of leaky ducts


Airflow problems stem from lack of proper insulation. When ducts are poorly insulated, air leaks out, leading to increased energy output and poor air flow into the home. Ultimately, you end up spending a lot more money on energy bills. When ducts exist in unconditioned areas the same scenario occurs. Insulating these spaces, along with improving poorly insulated ducts, is generally a cost-effective way to improve air flow and energy use.


Leaky duct systems occur when the connections and joints are loose. Condensation around the air return grilles may occur if a duct is leaking cold air in the attic near the boot that connects to the grille. As A/C blows cool air through the ducts, leaks cause a decrease in air flow pressure and valuable conditioned air escapes, resulting in a hotter room. In addition, the A/C has to work harder and longer to cool your home.

It’s ideal to call in a professional to repair duct systems. Common methods for sealing ducts involved commercial HVAC tape and mastic. But if your ducts are really old, leaky and lack adequate insulation, upgrading to new, insulated flex ducts may be the best option.

Once you know that the air you pay to heat and cool is not being lost through bad ductwork, “out of sight, out of mind” will have real meaning. The professionals at ABS want to be your partners in home comfort, so give us a call if we can answer questions or offer expert advice.

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