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Duct Cleaning Is An Important Step In Home Comfort

Duct Cleaning & SanitizationDuct cleaning is of vital importance with regards to the air quality in your home. Conditioned air moves through these ducts to provide heating and cooling throughout your home, and if they are not clean, you won’t be comfortable. Not only is it a necessary step for your health, but it is also good for your HVAC equipment and it can save you money.

Since indoor air can accumulate pollen, mold, pet hair, bacteria, and dust particles, it is essential that ventilation systems are working properly. If air is not circulated well and often, you can get sick. Dirty ducts will restrict air flow, making the problem worse. Having a professional duct cleaning performed several times throughout the year is much better for your health than breathing in all of those particles.

Excessive accumulation of dust and dirt particles can hinder the performance of your heating and cooling equipment. Your home will not stay as cool in the summer or as warm in the winter if the air flow is restricted. In the worst case scenario, the accumulation can cause system breakdowns. Keeping the duct work clean can ensure that your HVAC systems will work when you need them.

Aside from keeping your home a healthy environment and extending the life of your heating and cooling appliances, regular duct cleaning will save you money. Your energy bills will be lower if the maximum air flow is circulating throughout your home. You will be less likely to need repairs on your HVAC equipment and if your ducts are kept clean they are less likely to leak or break.

Be sure to call us if you smell odors coming from the duct work, or if some rooms seem uncomfortable regardless of the thermostat setting.

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