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Any company can claim their technicians are licensed and insured or that they perform background checks on their employees. But is that information really accurate? How do you know who to trust? Many companies that say they perform background checks only do so for a single county or state – or even just a driving record check. That is not enough for us at ABS. We want to know that every one of our technicians is verifiably trustworthy – someone we would want to work in our own homes and with our own families.

Getting third party validation from Ask the Seal allows us to send our technicians into your home with every ounce of confidence and reassurance. And our “Seal of Approval” allows you to have that same confidence in our company. Because we are approved by Ask the Seal, you know you are dealing with a company that is licensed, insured, and has a good customer service record.

Every one of our technicians is “sealed” by “Ask the Seal,” a company that verifies the trustworthiness of our employees. When you have an ABS employee in your home, you can feel confident they not only have no criminal history anywhere in the nation, but are guaranteed to be licensed and insured.

Ask the Seal has been operating in Central Florida since 2008 and helps consumers tell the difference between reputable companies and companies that pretend to be reputable. Ask the Seal provides nationwide criminal background checks for all our technicians, as well as confirming that they hold current licenses and insurance. As a trusted name in Central Florida, we decided it was important that our company take this extra step and make sure all of our employees received the Seal of Approval.

AC Service Guarantee

The Cool Team guarantees its air conditioning service and will return to the site if any repairs failed to correct the problem.

There are many things that can go wrong with an AC unit. A failing AC system, for instance, can be the result of several issues. Our highly trained technicians will identify the most cost effective approach to fix the system. They will also warn you about any potential future issues with the system.

ABS provides a 30 day guarantee on repairs, when technicians’ recommendations are followed.

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