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6 Indoor Air pollutants That an Air Conditioning Company Can Help With

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Most people are allergic to something, and it’s always a pain to deal with. But for those suffering from more serious respiratory issues, asthma in particular, keeping allergens out can be a matter of life or death.

To make matters worse, homes are filled with surprisingly large amounts of indoor air pollutants. Many people don’t realize how efficient air conditioners are at reducing many of these pollutants by circulating and filtering the air. So what dangers can an air conditioning company help prevent?:

  1. Dust: This is the most common indoor pollutant. Generated by everything from tracking dirt on your shoes, shedding skin cells, or even human hair, homes are constantly being filled with dust.

    When dust particulates are kicked up into the air by walking and breathed in, they can lead to wheezing, coughing, and the triggering of asthma. An air conditioning company can make sure the air filter in your air conditioning unit is clear, so it can catch more dust without restricting air flow.
  2. Pollen: When Spring rolls around, you can be sure that the outdoor air is saturated with pollen. Unfortunately, open windows and vents can allow much of it to get inside. Pollen is a notorious allergen trigger, even in those who may not have serious allergies. The circulation of air from an AC unit can prevent the pollen to remain stagnant and build up to the point where it is dangerous for someone with allergies.
  3. Pets:
    Animals can be an enormous trigger for many people. Not only from the dander they shed, but their saliva and urine have also been found to stimulate allergies. Regularly washing animals can help remove these contaminants, but a combination of washing and air conditioners is likely your best defense. Not only can a quality filter from an air conditioning company catch much of the dander, but the circulation will stop fumes from the saliva and urine from filling a room.
  4. Pests: This one might make your skin crawl as much as it makes you sneeze and cough. Homes can easily become infested with insects without the residents even noticing until it’s too late. Pests such as dust mites and cockroaches are some of the most dangerous when it comes to allergies. Their droppings can house a number of hazardous contaminants. Preventing the build up of dust and grime with air conditioners will ensure these pests have nowhere to live in your house.
  5. Appliances: Fuel burning appliances, including stoves, furnaces, water heaters, or fireplaces, can all produce gases and soot particulates, which are dangerous to inhale, when they burn. Making a point to use them as little as possible is a good start, but again, using air conditioning can also helps dissipate these contaminants.
  6. Mold: This is likely the most dangerous of all indoor pollutants. Molds are fungi that can grow anywhere that is damp. The airborne spores they release can not only trigger existing cases of asthma, but can also bring on the development of respiratory issues. The circulation from air conditioners can prevent areas from accumulating too much moisture or humidity.

While air conditioning services are extremely helpful, it’s still important to maintain units to ensure efficiency, even though only 42% of the two-thirds of homes in the U.S. who use central air equipment service it annually. For example, replacing a dirty or clogged filter can not only lower energy consumption by 5% to 15%, but the cleaner the filter is, the more pollutants and particulates it can remove from the air.

Don’t just wait to call an AC service until you’re having an asthma attack. Just one call could help protect you from all of these dangerous indoor air pollutants.

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